A good economic choice (OLD)

You may wonder - are these rolls expensive? No. Here's why.

BUMFY's bamboo toilet paper offers 370 sheets per roll, with each sheet measuring a generous 4.13 inches by 4.72 inches. This amounts to a total of 50.08 square feet of paper per roll.

On the other hand, a regular roll offers only 200 sheets, each measuring 3.93 inches on each side. That's just 21.44 square feet per roll.

Even if a single roll seem more expensive, in reality You are saving. 

So, with BUMFY, not only are you making an eco-friendly choice, but you're also getting more than double the amount of paper for your money. Now, that's smart shopping!

Remember - the rolls are delivered to Your house on us, so You also save time and money on shopping.