Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

24 Mega Rolls

Designed for ultimate softness, Bumfy Bamboo Toilet Paper is free from harmful chemicals, making it gentle on both your skin and the environment. 

370 Mega Sheets 

3-Ply soft & strong 

Clog-safe and septic-safe

24 Mega Rolls

$0.45 / 100 standard sheets

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 2 months (4+ people)

Your impact: 1 tree planted for every box purchased.

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Check out the full list of benefits below!

  • The high quality, extremely soft and strong paper your bottom deserves

  • Comfortable wiping - 3-ply sheets 25% bigger than standard

  • Hypoallergenic and gentle on your skin

  • 370 Mega Sheets - more than 2x longer than a standard roll

  • Soft on the planet - it's 100% tree-free

  • Plastic-free packaging

  • No harmful chemicals

  • Worry-free flushing - biodegradable and septic tank safe

Delivery Time: Your Bumfy order will be at your door within a snappy 2-6 business days from the moment you hit that buy button!


Cost: Absolutely FREE & Carbon Neutral! Yup, you heard that right! We're all about spreading the love, so ground shipping won't cost you a dime. Because who needs extra fees, right?


Service: All orders dispatched through our complimentary ground shipping service are treated like VIPs, ensuring safe arrival.


Returns: Full information here

Our Satisfaction Guarantee: We want to make sure every single customer is happy with our toilet paper. If for any reason you decide that Bumfy is not for you, we'll refund your purchase up to 30 days after delivery. No questions asked.

Introducing the Hygiene Hero for Your Throne!

Get ready for the Bumfy experience – the TP heavyweight that's unbelievably soft and made without the harmful chemicals of regular TP.


Elevate your bathroom game with Bumfy – where durability meets pure awesomeness!


Toilet Paper

Happy Bottom

Unhappy Bottom


Soft & strong - your butt's bff!

Rough on the Tush

Regular toilet paper might feel more like sandpaper


Pampering your tush like a VIP

Allergen Alert

Prepare for a surprise party on your skin!

25% Larger Sheets

You'll feel like royalty on the throne

Size Matters... Seriously

So small, it's like using a postage stamp

Ink, scent, and dye-free

For a pampered patootie

Chemical Circus

More chemicals than a mad scientist's lab

Good for the environment

Bad for the environment

Mother Nature Approved

100% tree-free

Tree Hugger's Nightmare

Don't make your behind be eco-guilty!

Clean Packaging

Even our tape is a paper hero

Plastic Parade

Comes with more plastic than a kid's birthday party

Our Rolls Keep on Rolling

Unlike regular toilet paper, our bamboo rolls last longer than some relationships. Bumfy has a whopping 50.08 square feet of paper per roll. It's like a TP red carpet rolled out just for you!


Toilet Paper


Toilet Paper

Plus, our roll's large sheet size means you’ll use less toilet paper during each visit. You can’t beat that!


Toilet Paper

Upgrade your bathroom experience
Upgrade your bathroom experience

The Other Guys Just Can’t Compete

Bumfy isn’t the only bamboo toilet paper on the market, but it's the best. 
Here are a few reasons why:

The Other Guys Just Can’t Compete

Bumfy isn’t the only bamboo toilet paper on the market, but it's the best. 
Here are a few reasons why:

Upgrade your bathroom with Bumfy

The other guys just can’t compete

The True Cost of Regular Toilet Paper

Using regular toilet paper contributes to deforestation and pollution. 

Every flush packs a hidden environmental punch. 


Switching from regular TP is a simple daily choice with a surprisingly large impact on our planet's health.

27,000 trees

are cut down every day just
for toilet paper production.

37 gallons of water

are used to produce one roll 
of regular toilet paper.

Inks, dyes, scents

PCBs, BPAs and other harmful chemicals 
are polluting lakes and rivers.

Join us on a mission to bring back green woodlands

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Camilla G.
Pipes saved

I had a problem with my pipes being constantly clogged - tried this TP, and the problem is gone - will order again

Kim A.

very nice packaging, guests like it

Help the Earth

I work hard to make my home eco-friendly and I'm willing to try lots of things to keep our planet safe. It was really important to find a better option for things we use a lot, like toilet paper and paper stuff. Toilet paper made from eco-friendly materials is a great choice, and they're also really good quality.

game changer

Placing my order again. 12 rolls lasted me about 4-5 months for one person. No more allergic reactions like with other toilet papers, and my bladder inflammations have decreased. Just as a test, I once used a different paper and after a while everything started to burn down there. Bamboo paper is my number 1! 😄

Karen S.
fast delivery, fancy paper

Delivery took less than 48 hours and the paper quality is fantastic ( I was sure that the sustainability factor will make it worse, but in fact its softer and more durable than my previous one ).

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Got Questions?

We got answers!

How many rolls do I need?

With regular toilet paper, you would use about 6 rolls/person per month.


With BUMFY you can cut that in half - from our experience 3 rolls/person per month is more than enough!

Why is bamboo TP better?

Regular toilet paper is bad for you. Rolls made of trees often contain formaldehyde, BPA's, PCB's, inks, dyes, and scents. 


Thanks to the unique properties of bamboo, you won't find any of these in a Bumfy toilet paper roll.


It's softer, healthier, eco-friendly and - if you do the math - even cheaper than regular toilet paper.

Is your Mega sheet really that big?

Yes, it is! The size of our Mega Sheet is 4.72 in. x 4.13 in. which is more than 25% bigger than standard. When you try it, you will never go back!

Is your toilet paper 3-ply?

Yes, our toilet paper is triple-layered to ensure strength and softness. The Bumfy roll provides both durability and a luxurious feel during use.

How many sheets are in a roll?

Each Bumfy Mega Roll contains 370 Mega Sheets of soft, bamboo toilet paper, which equals 466 standard sheets. 

How many square feet are in a box?

Our 24 roll box contains 1202.16 square feet of toilet paper, way more than any other toilet paper out there. For example, 24 rolls of a standard 200 sheet roll contain just 514.8 square feet of paper.

Can this toilet paper be safely flushed in septic systems?

Absolutely! Our bamboo toilet paper is septic-safe and breaks down easily.

Are the paper wrappers on the rolls compostable?

Of course! We've made our product eco-friendly, so our paper wrappers are fully compostable.

Is the packaging plastic-free?

Yes! We got rid of plastic everywhere - even our tape is made from paper.

Unbeatable Cost Savings

Okay, we don't like math either, but our roll is REALLY the most economical choice on the market. Here is why:



- Our roll has 370 3-ply Mega Sheets, 

- Each sheet measures a generous 4.13 inches by 4.72 inches (25% bigger than standard)

- This adds up to a total of 50.08 square feet of paper per roll.


Standard roll:

- Standard rolls offer only 200 2-ply sheets, 

- Each sheet measures 3.93 inches by 3.93 inches 

- That's just 21.44 square feet per roll.


Even if a single roll of our paper may seem more expensive, you save quite a bit of money.


With Bumfy, you're making an eco-friendly choice and getting more than double the amount of paper for your money. Now, that's smart shopping!


Remember - the rolls are delivered to your house on us, so you also save time and money on shopping.

Join Our Tree-Planting Mission

Join Our 



For every box you buy, we plant one tree.


This way, you will not only help preserve forests.

You also help us restore them.


Join us on a mission to bring back green woodlands - for you, your kids, and future generations.

with Regular TP
with Bumfy TP
Plant a tree with Bumfy