Below are some of the most common questions our customers have asked us!


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How many sheets are in the Bumfy Mega Roll?

Are Bumfy Mega Sheets really that big?

Is bamboo toilet paper expensive?

Is the texture of bamboo toilet paper really that smooth?

Is this toilet paper 3-ply?

Health & safety

Are there any inks, dyes, or fragrances in your toilet paper?

Is there any presence of PFAS in Bumfy?

Does Bumfy contain formaldehyde?

What bleaching method do you use for the rolls?

Shipping & order

Is your shipping really free?

What's the estimated delivery time for my purchase?

How do I track my order?

What are the available payment methods?


Is the bamboo used by Bumfy FSC approved?

Why is Bumfy's bamboo-based toilet paper eco-friendly?

Does production impact panda habitats?

Are paper wrappers suitable for composting?

How should I dispose of the core after use?

In which country is Bumfy toilet paper produced?


Can you explain Bumfy's packaging materials and methods?

Do you offset carbon emissions during shipping?

Can you explain the purpose of the individual paper wrappers?

Is there any plastic content in your packing materials?

Referral & Discounts

Can you tell me about the "refer a friend" initiative?

Do you have special rates for large orders or distributors?

Compatibility & Usage

Are the dimensions standard for each roll of toilet paper?

Can this toilet paper be safely flushed in septic systems?

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