Our Mission at BUMFY: A Tale of Two Friends and A Planet to Save (OLD)

Meet Lucas and Michael – two friends with a deep-rooted love for nature and an undying commitment to protect it. When we discovered that a staggering 27,000 trees are cut down every day just to produce toilet paper, our hearts sank. Our research into the toilet paper market unveiled the alarming environmental toll it takes: colossal water consumption, harmful chemicals, and the relentless use of plastic for packaging.

So we thought - how can we change it?

Rather than merely voicing our concerns, we decided to offer a solution. Our belief was clear: People would switch if given an alternative that's neither more expensive nor inferior to the regular toilet paper. And that's how BUMFY was born.

During our research, we stumbled upon the wonders of bamboo—a grass that grows astonishingly up to 3 feet per day! Not only is bamboo ten times more efficient than forests when it comes to producing toilet paper, but it also works magic underground by storing most of its CO2, acting as a carbon sink.

That's how BUMFY started

We meticulously designed the perfect roll. Our sheets are tear-resistant and 25% larger than the typical ones. Plus, our rolls are impressively sized, ensuring that we're shipping actual product, not just air—significantly reducing our carbon footprint and other pollutants. We also removed 100% of the plastic use - even our tape is made from paper :)

But our commitment doesn't stop there. For every box of BUMFY sold, we plant a tree. It's our way of giving back, and we stand by this promise.

We understand that no one wants to harm our environment. People have been using regular toilet paper primarily due to a lack of viable alternatives. But now, there is one - BUMFY.

Now, we need Your help 

Yet, we can't do this alone. With our community's support, embracing our toilet paper and recommending it further, together we can save countless trees. We earnestly ask for your help in our shared mission: to safeguard our planet.

Warmly, Lucas and Michael